Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hope.. Recession.. and Suit..

Pharma and Food Industry are believed to be recession free. Google and MAMA brand have proved themselves as recession proof! Just one observation and addition to the above mentioned big names:- Formal Suits for MBA student during recession time!

When I got the formal SUIT of our B-School, I had the HOPE that I will wear it in all the interviews before the final one! B-School had the HOPE of making me wear that SUIT for those interviews! and here comes RECESSION! If at all, the recession continues for say 10 years! My HOPE will compel me to buy that SUIT even when its RECESSION..

Till now I have used my Suit only for the photo shoots! That's because the placement season is yet to come! But still, 1.5 years have gone!

Anyway, I am sure placements will be fine this year. But what if there was Recession again?? No (few) placements again?? Will the college ask us not to buy SUITS?? After all, it is sheer stupidity to waste money in suit that is brought only for photo shoots! Here comes HOPE! And that is the only reason why the juniors will buy the same suit.. for "placements interview" even though it is recession..

You may be a pessimist. But you have the tendency of not avoiding the factor of optimism which is hiding somewhere in the form of HOPE!

(Formal Suits are college uniforms in Indian B-Schools, but are rarely used on daily basis)

who cares! After all you don't need formal SUITS to make profits.. you don't have profits in RECESSION.. and you are not advised to HOPE in this scenario

Some businesses have crucial growth drivers that makes them recession proof.. Some businesses have that HOPE factor which plays with emotions and drives the business.. All other are in loses (in recession)

So as the Legen.. wait for it.. dary quote goes.. SUIT UP!

(Readers(if any) are advised not to get into technical or financial terms as I neither play with machines nor do I play with numbers! Discussion based on emotions is encouraged which does not imply that I play with them)


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Waiting still.. or Still waiting.. Wait is long.. Will is strong..

Days into months
Months into years
I come here daily
to watch my fears..

Wait was when she was far
Wait was when she was gone
Whenever I felt I was alone
Again that craving Wait was born!

Wait is in eyes
Wait is in mind
Wait makes you useless
Wait is to unwind..

Wait is love
Wait is hope
Wait is practically everything
That has no scope..

Wait is not to find
Wait is when you care
Wait is not to look
Wait is to faithfully stare..

Wait is for the loved ones
Wait is for someone who was always yours
Wait is like a growing disease
That even passing time can not cure..


.. Waiting


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Life is selfish
Heart was kind
You have your own views
But the correct logic is mine..

It was difficult to earn
more difficult to spend
your bills are unavoidable
and my bills are like fine??

Your career
my hindrance
My career
your responsibility??

Then you started drinking coffee
I started to sip Tea
Did you ever realise that
We became you and I forgot We..

I stuck in poetry
You got into fiction
Both in different worlds
with full of contradiction

Its enough now, Don't fool..
Everything will be fine..
provided,you take yours back,
and let me have mine..


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dark interpretation of Russel Peters!

Russel Peters legendary dialogue:-

"That's an Indian person convincing you of shit. You ever try to buy something and you go like "all right, give me the best price" "*indian accent* Sir, Im telling you, final price, best price, take it and go. Take it... and go. take it and go."

I was laughing like hell. Repeating the words again and again. "take it and go. Take it... and go. Take it and go" So funny.. Do we look like this? I have never sold anything to anybody, never convinced in such a way that I say that sentence.. Take it and go..

The second favorite Indian line of Russel is "Somebody is gonna get a hurt real bad.. Somebody". So funny. What's so dark about it? Now I will just repeat the lines with a classic photo.

Im telling you, take it and go. Take it... and go. take it and go

Somebody is gonna get a hurt real bad..



I try to be that
I try to be this
I don't want to be me
That is all I wish!

I try to be him
I try to be her
Am I now better?
I am still not sure!

I try to study this
I try to study all
For the sake of it
I can't even recall!

I try to follow
Not one,but many herds
I am living for them
While my life is in words!

I always try,and not achieve
That is why I am full of complication
I always try to be that man
But end up being his mere reflection!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it worth?

After reaching the top,I realized that there are so many tops... and very less trees on each top... then why should we aim for the top? just to look beyond the mountains? but It's blank... How should I make my fight worth? or should I stay alone on the top? or should I stay with my trees at the bottom?


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beyond Technology.. and Emotions..


It hurts when you are away from your family. It hurts when you far away from your family. It hurts a lot when you remember them everyday. It hurts the most when you remember them when you are about to sleep.

Long Messaging Service(SMS)
You must be wondering what technology has to do with the emotions, or feelings or family. I was not aware of it till the day when I received the longest SMS of my life. Yes it was sent by my Aai(mother/mom whatever in other language,does not matter). It was her first message from her new cell some 5-6 years ago. She was not very much interested in SMSing but she did it. She was learning to send SMS. When I saw the message, I was the happiest person on the earth. It was indeed the longest SMS.No words. No "smileys". No "TC,good byes,love yous". It was a plan simple blank message that brought tears in my eyes!

ApoorvaBook (FB)
It was a very wierd moment when I saw my father on the Facebook. I did not know how to reply. Apoorva Dixit and Avinash Dixit are now friends. (Think over that sentence). I had just mentioned to him once that I have uploaded my photos in Facebook. And then I realized the reason why he is here. Just to see me, my photos. It was indeed a special moment for me. Because I had some 450 odd friends on FB and when I checked out his profile, it was only me! He made me special that day! His simple blank profile with my photo in the friend list brought tears in my eyes!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tyohar ke dino mein log milte hai,mubbarak ho tumko yeh jahaan..
Shayad hamari kismat mein yeh khushi hi nahi..
Meri kismat ko koi keh de ke bhai aukaat mein rahe..
akela rehne ki bhi humko aadat nahi..


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Need to be home for Diwali

pura hindustan ghar chala gaya..
jahan diyo ke bazaar mein khushiyo ki nilaami hogi..
mujhe kisine unke ghar diwali mein bulaya hi nahi..

mein bhi khada tha saamaan bandhe uss sadak par..
"need to be home for diwali" ka board pakde..
koi maruti mein baithke ghar le jaane aaya hi nahi..

Bhai yeh mat samjhana ab ke mein akela hun..
mast yaaron ke tashan mein doob gaya hun bilkul..
Kyunki doston ke saath rehna ka mujhe koi gam nahi.. koi gam nahi..


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saason mein woh bassi hai
Unhe bus ab rokna hi baaki hai
Khudko toh dafna chukka hun mein
Bus ab unko bhoolaana hi baaki hai


Monday, October 12, 2009

Gum se Bhaagta hun mein

Bus din bhar gum se bhaagta hun..
khudko khush rakhta hun main..
jabhi hassi aati hai chehra pe..
tabhi teri yaad mein kho jaata hun mein..
Bus din bhar gum se bhaagta hun mein..


My first shayari

ek toh acchi nikale..

"Saaki ne kahan mat peo itna,tujhe khuda ka waasta..
Nashe mein keh diya ke yahan toh khuda bhi kisika nahi hota..
Fir usne sharaab ke pyaale mein zindagi bharte hue kahan..
Jo khuda ka nahi,woh toh maut ke bhi laayak nahi hota.."


Friday, October 9, 2009

Quote of Thoughts-8

I have 2 nuclear bombs and you have 1.. the moment you make 1 more,I will spread peace and will even get noble peace award for that..

Apoorva(when I read the news today)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Leave me alone..

sun dropping,mind thinking
finally m getting what i deserved
one flash,something hitting me hard
justifying that my life can not b preserved..

staring at death,its insane
sun has drowned on my sea shore
i smiled when i realized that m fooling death
coz i was dead long before

i was dead when i failed
to rise up to the expectations..
i was dead when i cared
for the special one who left..
i was dead when i prayed
for the dying soul of mine..
i was dead when i made
a choice to remain unchanged..
i was dead when i shed
tears for my hungry lust..
i was dead when i said
just leave me alone to die..


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quote of Thoughts-7

"I don't joke when I think of life. Coz for me,life in itself is a big joke"

Apoorva(when I thought of life.. and i laughed)

Quote of Thoughts-6

"You become fearless when you lose that which you value the most. But what if you value what you don't have and takes for granted everything you have?"


Monday, October 5, 2009

Quote of Thoughts-5

"I am a Piscean.. Damn.. I can't drink, I can't smoke.. and I am still confused"

Apoorva(while watching a fish in the tank)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

..and Subhadra slept

For Husband:
When her future was decided..
to tie a knot with someone undesired..
She kidnapped away the one she loved
and the promise of love was kept..

For Son:
She was helpless when he was killed
She cried and wept..
If she would have known the future
That night,She would not have slept..


Quote of Thoughts-4

"I don't believe in Tarot Cards. What if there are two Tarot Card readers in front of me with their different card sets and I chose one card from each set at the same time? Which future should I follow? haha"

Apoorva(When Tarot Card reader came to AIT)

Monday, September 28, 2009

जिस दिन एक स्वातंत्रवीर ने चुनाव में मतदान किया !

फिर से उस रात सोच में डूबा रहा
मेरी लाजारी पर वापस रोने लगा
जिसने उसको कभी महान कहाँ था
उस्सी अज्ञानी को गाली देने लगा !

फिर हाथ उठाकर घुटने टेके
पगड़ी उतार के हार मान ली
कपडे तो फट्टे हुए थे
इज्जत बद्दी प्यार से दे दी !

और फिर बिना नशे के मजा आने लगा
जब मैंने सोचना ही छोड़ दिया
कुत्तो की मौत मरा मेरा देश
मैंने लाश को गिद्धों के हवाले कर दिया !

जिस दिन एक स्वातंत्रवीर ने
चुनाव में मतदान किया !


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quote of Thoughts-3

"No use of making those eyes to suffer. They don't even know why they are awake,when the reason is sleeping peacefully in silence"


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quote of Thoughts-2

"Its not about the model of cell phone you have,its about the contacts you have in it"

Apoorva (When I lost my mobile)

Quote of Thoughts-1

"Between me and my success is not you my friend,its my laziness"


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Derserve it or not!!

After playing football first time in my life......i can understand why footballers deserve all fame and riches........:)

One of my very good friend(I have very few good friends!) wrote this as his status message which made me think so much about it. Football, indeed the game needs hard work beyond one's human limits. The stamina that is achieved not in a single year,but developed over a long period of time. The slot in the team is the dream of billions and very few are able to achieve it. and the one who maintains such slots are called Ronaldos and Kakas of Football.. Working hard in pressure of failure is no joke! What a success! What a life! Those mansions that they buy are just awesome. Mansions or Islands? Let it be the collection of Cars or Designer watch. Life ho toh aisi!! and of course not to forget the hard work. Yes they deserve the fame.. the riches.. the girls.. the mansions.. and everything they put finger on..

Come back. Those were the Ronaldos. Imagine a man working very hard. He may be having more stamina than these players. He don't get Getorades/Red Bull. He is on the field for most of his day. Still the Indian farmer don't deserve the fame and riches. What if he was born in some other country? Dunno, I cant think, but I only know one thing, somebody deserves it more!

What if my friend had done some farming for the first time in his life?I am sure it would have been more hectic than just playing football but I don't think his status message would have been the same. If both of them work so hard, why is it that the only one of them is showered with happiness and success.

The one who works for our need.. for our food.. gets no fame..

The one who works for our wants.. for our entertainement.. is the God!!

I still don't understand this my friend.

Sorry for comparing a celebrity with a common man! They both don't deserve this comparison..



Hey there! yes you!
you sure of your future?
have you ever thought of it
or is it a sheer torture?

Do you think of consequences?
or u avoid taking such responsibilities?
Coz your actions matter a lot
and reflects your capabilities..

Faith is the trust in your action
Consequences of those are always good
and if they are bad? then?
forget it,your fate must be in bad mood..

Are you certain of your success?
Or you just have faith in your action?
Coz faith keeps your dreams alive
Without faith,your dream is just a fiction..

Faith is when every other thing is impossible
Faith is when you have nothing left with you
Faith is when you are certain..
that if you are good,it will be good..


Enjoy the Silence

Lights were dim,
music was loud..
humans socializing
forming a crowd..

Time passed..
we sat and drank with honor
cheers said the fools
still silent in one corner

Temptation poured in the glass
Intoxication taking shape
Eyes blood shot red
in the body when it spread..

Silent in our own world
people coming and socializing
still independent and unaffected
we were enjoying..

no expectations
no talking
no formality
no smiling

peaceful time it was
but head full of violence..
felt as if we compelled each other
to enjoy the silence!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009


Stumbled upon the stone
Night falling at my feet
Shadow giving birth..

Shadow that will last
Shadow that is real
Shadow so dark
yet my face so clear..


Sunday, August 23, 2009

My most common dream..

Black clouds falling
Fire burning
Darkness spreading
in some desert
Sky turning red
Shadow of man
Fallen on his knees
Tall and thin he is
Searching for hope
It starts raining
Drops are green
Drops are stale
Trees are screaming
Is it desert?

Sand is wounded
Man is sinking...


Friday, August 21, 2009

A new beginning?

Completely wasted
Night is God
Never ending darkness
Scared of the end..

No point to make
No issues to discuss
Just sit back and relax
When I am near..

This is the time
When I am myself
Mask is off
and I am all yours..

Pushing the limits
Still in control
Next morning will be
A new beginning or
a perfect Hangover!!


Never mind..

Don't understand signs,
Can't look in your mind.
Numb:I am that way,
Words don't come out
and say what you want to hear!

Don't understand the message
Can't read between lines.
Intention:Its not the way,
Misunderstanding is not your bad
Coz you only see what I show!

Still hard to explain
No need to justify
True:its your female mind,
I blame myself & not them
Coz one of them is not mine!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

.. and you were never mine!!

Thought it was a spark
Spark of the rubbing of two flints
Spark lost in the bright day light

Missed the last snowfall together
Searching for that flake you touched
Flake that was lost in you

Time was so great
Those moments so kind
But I was never yours'
and you were never mine..


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's all about Money,Honey!

ऐका पैशाची एक गोस्ट,पैशाची एक गंमत,
पैश्यात सुख ज्याला,पैश्यातच त्याची जन्नत.

पैश्या मध्ये वाढलेल्या कडे आहे का काही हिम्मत?
पैश्यानी विकत घेतो,पैश्यतच त्याची ताकत.

मुल्लाना पैश्याच मोठेपण पाऊसच्या गाण्यात सांगतो,
ते पैश्या मागे गेल्यावर कपाळाला हात लावतो.

पैश्याच्या त्याच पाऊसात पैश्यानिच मग भिजतो,
पैश्याचाच तालावर पाय घसरून पडतो.

पैश्याचाच नाच तो,अन् पैश्याचिच ती दारू विदेशी,
पैश्याचाच हातोड्यान स्वतच घर फोडी.

पैश्यानी डिग्री आणि मग डीग्रीतच पैशा
पैश्यतच हवस अन् पैश्यानिच वैश्या!

and lastly,the legendary song should go like this:

येरे येरे पाऊसा तुला देतो पैसा
पैसा झाला मोठा आणि माणूस झाला छोटा!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009


चंदे के मुखवटे में वसूली का चेहरा
रिश्वत लेने में लगाओ पहरा
अपने ही घर में करो धनदा
और फिर कहो पॉलिटिक्स है गंदा.

कुछ सुधारना हो तो वोट से क्या होगा
वापस कोई और पाँच साल बिगाड़ेगा
इससे अछा है के बैठे रहो घर में
और शान से कहो पॉलिटिक्स है गंदा.

"कुछ नही हो सकता इस देश का" की स्टाइल
"जागो रे" ने छाई पिलाकर सुला दिया
चार दिन मुंबई बस्सी थी अलीबाग और गोआ में
बड्डे प्यार से इन्होने वोटिंग को भुला दिया!

डिग्री में लोग खोजे है पैसो का पॅकेज
में कहता हूँ लग जाओ पॉलिटिक्स में
कितना भी कोई गाली दे दे
आख़िर यह भी तो है एक आदरणीय धनदा

तो फिर खाओ पैसे,और भरलो अपने पेट
सीना तांन के लेह्रओ भारत माता का झ्ण्डा
उपर जाके बेशरम होके विधाता से कहना
है भगवान,पॉलिटिक्स है बड्डा गंदा!!


Friday, May 15, 2009


ऐ दर्र्पोक तू क्या करेगा यहाँ
यहाँ तो तेरे साथ कोई नहीं
बस अकेले लड़ने में तुझे क्या मज्जा
जब कोई नहीं तेरी काम का यहाँ

बस बैठा रह इक कोने में तू
जहाँ कोई नहीं तेरे मतलब का
जिधर देखो वहां बस
तेरे ही कमरे में तू अकेला है!

फिर तू कहे के कुछ नहीं होगा
नहीं कोई नहीं इस देश का
तू तो बस एक लक्द्डे का वोह टुकडा
जो कटने पर भी कुछ नहीं काम का!

अरे छोड़ यह दुनिया के झमेला
मस्त हो जा खुद की ही ख़ुशी में
किसी का कुछ भी जो जाए तुझे क्या?
खुश रह तू अपने ही गम में!

कोई क्या सोचे तुझे क्या?
किसी को बुरा लगे तुझे क्या?
नशे में हो जा तू टुन्न
सो जा अपनी ही धुन में तू!

किस्मत तोह सुबकी अच्च्ची होती है
बस नजरिया सबका जुदा
क्रांति कारियों को की आवाज़
मुर्दों की वो पुकार

कैसे भुला पाएगा तू
जो आग तेरे सीने में है
जलता रेह तू उस्सी आग में
जलाता रेह तू खुदीको अब!

सो जा तू अब उस्सी बिस्तर में
सपनो में रंग जा तू
क्यों सोचता है तू इन् सब के बारें में
जब की बकवास है यह सब!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

milind ingale:

मुसळधार पाऊस खिडकीत उभं राहून पहा
बघ माझी आठवण येते का?

हात लांबव, तळहातांवर झेल पावसाचं पाणी
इवलसं तळं पिऊन टाक
बघ माझी आठवण येते का?

अपूर्व दीक्षित:
पाऔसअत जाताना असाच एकदा
पडलो मी त्या रस्त्याचा खड्यात
विचार करत बसलो मी,
खड्डा होता खोल?
की माझाच गेला तोल?
खड्ड्यात वाकून जरा बघ तय,
बघ माझी आठवन येते का?


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Screen Test


There are many things i wanted to tell myself. But somewhere i was stopping myself. Unknowingly diplomacy is there everywhere in the air. sometimes i am scared of losing control. Losing the fake diplomacy that i am maintaining for so long. Fake diplomacy? If it was not fake,would it be diplomacy? I always thought that i was a bad actor. I was never selected in any drama in my school. My friends call me expressionless. My face was compared to the old computer that is overloaded and hanged. But there are many people like me. Then what is diplomacy? Sophisticated acting? Farhan Akhtar?

Believe it or not,we are all actors. We fake. We hide. We accept. We don't confess. And then we complain and blame the whole nature of humans. and then we forget. Convince ourselves and say,"this is the way it is". One day i decided to count my lies, and highlight my sins for a day. At the end of the day,i noticed that i have lied a lot,and then my sinful nature comfortably convinced me to manipulate with statistics. I thanked for my sins to give me peaceful sleep. Sleep that killed the very essence of humanity!

In my dream i imagine myself as a stone. Stone that is still identifying its identity lying on the road where riots are full on. The only complain is,nobody uses me to hit other. Comparing myself with the stone is the best i can do with the character i am playing. Can i be that firm? am i that useless?

I got up the other day. And started acting! :-)

"divas ase ki koni maazaa naahi
an me konacha naahi!!"-Sandeep and Salil Kulkarni.
(din aise ki koi mera nahi,
aur mein kisika nahi)


Sunday, April 12, 2009



I still remember the day i came across your coordinates. I didn't realize at that time that marriages are made in heaven. It was God who assigned me world no.28 and continent 12. You remember the day when our spear fighters bumped into each other and it was fight at first sight? cute little stupid fights. When i first saw you,it was like a thundering noble attack at scout speed. I came to know more about you when we started scouting each other. it was my first scout(read:date). I am damn sure you and your ex-tribe members(female friends) tried to dodge my proposal. Then we started meeting secretly. It was so fun,my Spear fighter almost died climbing up your wall.

Remember the day when i bought a brand new Light Cavalry. You were so scared sitting behind me. I hated those two idiotic Swordsman friends of yours. I think they were just jealous of me. But more than that,i hated the Heavy Cavalry your dad had assigned to protect you! sick! I hated your dad,until one day when he sent 50k resources each to my village. It was so nice of him.

Our relationship had survived hard times. It was very difficult for both of us to concentrate on our respecting academy. Even farming assignments were taking a toll on us. But it was pretty important to mint coins at that stage of our life. and then when your ex-tribe(read:ex-bf) member almost tried to noble you. if it was not my Archers.. (sob.. sob..).. my morale was totally down,but your survival increased my ODD. I was determined to take him down,with your dads money,(;-)),i built up my first nobleman. Everybody was so proud of me. The attack on him was awesome as luck favored me,i lost a couple of troops, but thats okay. Its a small price (i paid for ODA) for your revenge!!

Those days were seriously full of fun. Remember the fake attacks we used to send on your younger brother to scare him. haha. He was a noob. Once,we even demolished his stupid hiding place.

Now as my farm is maximum,Warehouse is full. My Workshop is also the most developed in the continent. I promise you that i will never make you Tribeless and will mint lot of coins to keep you happy. I have already taken resource loan for our level 30 dream village headquarters. No one can dare to make me see any incoming attacks. I am also doing fine with my job. With the new position of Baron, i have great responsibilities.

I promise you that i wont be having any one-night-account sits and my loyalty for you will be always 100.

I have no Tribe Change history of past and you are the only one that i truely claimed!

Will you marry me?


Friday, April 3, 2009


Tribute to Piyush Mishra,Anurag Kashyap,Raja Singh Chawdhary.. and of course Ram Prasad Bismil..

sarfaroshi ki tamannaa ab hamaare dil mein hai.
dekhnaa hai zor kitnaa baazuve kaatil mein hai
waqt aane pe bataadenge tujhe ae aasmaan
hum abhi se kyaa bataaye kyaa hamaare dil mein hai

Piyush Mishra:
o re bismil kaash aate aaj tum hindustaan
dekhte ki mulk saara kyaa tashan kyaa chill mein hai
aaj kaa laundaa yeh kehtaa hum to bismil thak gaye
apni aazaadi to bhaiyaa laundiyaa ke til mein hai.

aaj ke jalson mein bismil ek gungaa gaa raha.
aur behron kaa wo relaa naachtaa mehfil mein hai
haath ki khaadi banaane kaa zamaana lag gayaa
aaj to chaddi bhi silti englison ki mill mein hai

Apoorva Dixit:
dekh bismil gareeb bharat hai tujhe bula raha
yahan toh paisa magar amiron ki khujli mein hai
kaunse yuvak ko hum jagaayein yahan bhala
uski nind toh bus drugs aur sleeping pill mein hai

Sushant Singh Rathod:
wo jaag kar kya karega jab zamana so raha
tujhse ye iltaza hai Bismil ko bhai na bula
dekhna hai sach to tu apne hi aankhon dekh le
aaj ki generation ka sach to tere fone ke bill mein hai

dekhna hai zor kitnaa baazuve kaatil mein hai
waqt aane pe bataadenge tujhe ae aasmaan
hum abhi se kyaa bataaye kyaa hamaare dil mein hai
sarfaroshi ki tamannaa ab hamaare dil mein hai.


Friday, March 27, 2009

My Romance with Sleep

I always call her,
but she never comes on time..
have to wait for hours
and then i don't remember when she comes..

Sometimes i feel,
it is the trap of the dark,
coz he wants me to stare back at him,
cheat he is,coz i always fail to find him..

Funny it is,that when i blindly stare at dark,
i always come across those sparkling stars..
wanna look at the sky,wanna make that wish
and then wait for that peaceful sleep

Then i start to praise him..
at least he kills all fake shadows
but i have lot of things to complete
after that i wanna sleep in peace

Clouds of thoughts gathering
feeling lost in those games of mind
my forehead is waiting for a kiss
help me to sleep in peace..

Night and Darkness are my friends
they invite me when she comes..
she always gets angry,runs away after the fight
and i end up staying awake the whole night.....


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Nothing is there to hide,nothing is left as a pride,
I tried,but could not forget the nights i cried,

The sound of music fades
The word "Hope" is dead..

In the middle of the crowd,
Lost my voice,though it was loud..

Now there is nothing to lose,and no one to fear,
I have lost some one who was very near..

A single signal and my heart shall melt,
Till that moment,my soul will be dead.......


Friday, February 27, 2009

Delhi 6 concept review

Hated the first half. Loved the second. Songs are wasted. I think Mr.Subhash Ghai started the trend of wasting awesome A.R.Rahman songs with the movies like Kisna & Yuvraaj and ROM is carrying forward the legacy. The placing of "Rehna Tu" was pathetic. I was really looking forward for two songs:Rehna tu and Dil gira.. but was disappointed.

One very minor yet crucial observation:

you may call it black humor or whatever. If you compare it with all time classic Swades, you will realize that ROM must have watched Swades (first half only) 100 times before making this movie.. Same caste issue.. untouchable.. even Ramayan.. Here Abhishek returns from Amrika for her nanny,there apna Shah Rukh.. They both fall in love.. Mr.Govarikar only forgot Hindu-Muslim conflict,so we can give credit to ROM's creativity on this..

Kala Bandar=Ravan:
Just listen to the lyrics of the song "Pal Pal" of Swades. Compare Ravan with Kala Bandar. The whole theme of Delhi 6 was comfortably said in just one line in that song.. "Mann se Ravan jo nikaale,Ram uske mann mein hai". and junior Bacchhan showing mirror is the exact copy of the concept.
Having said this,i agree that both are very different film.

I am not getting hard on ROM,but i had huge expectations from the man who delivered RDB.

Second half rocks!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

While my inspiration gently weeps...

Nothing inspires me in the morning to live
Nothing inspires me at night to sleep
Nothing inspires me to take that ambitious leap
But life inspires me to weep

What stopped me from smiling?
What stopped me from enjoying?
What stopped me from loving?
What inspired me for stopping?

Get inspired just to show others
Milk is still white even if mixed in water
White is pure, so make it shine
Fool the world,Please don't mind..

Show what you don't have
Tell what you don't know
False commitments and promises are all fine
Fool the world,nobody will mind..

If you get inspired to do all this
to hell with your inspiration
I am happy that i am being stopped
I am happily inspired to weep..


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why God?

Networking is what i wanted to do
Using people by calling them bros
why God, why? i ended up
being an honest,innocent & true friend..

Wanted to kill emotions
to fulfill my hedonistic urges
why God, why? i ended up
being hardworking plebeian..

Wanted to be selfish and successful
by using her to climb up
why God, why? Love came
straight from my heart..

I wanted to be the same
as I was, when i came
why God, why? I ended up
being one of them..


Friday, February 6, 2009

Emotionally Divorced

His ego was the only thing
for their dead relationship
the reason for shattered dream
the reason for her grim..

That fool will never realize
Hate is living happily in disguise
in the(his) dark night,of that(her) bright day
She will leave him and will walk away..

Falling out & Falling again
Falling for other was the right thing
Still she was scared,honestly confessed
accepted that she was the one who betrayed..

Holy ties will never set her free
Feelings are only love's identity
Now she is caught in those feelings
Trust is what is missing..

In her life now nothing can be reversed,
Coz tonight she is Emotionally Divorced..

still living in his hell
getting hit,every time,with the last nail..

"You don't enjoy privileges of leaving someone for someone.. But he is.."


Thursday, February 5, 2009

LuckByChance-Movie Review

friend2: shahrukh kamina hai saala
friend1: kyon
friend2: luck by chance
friend2: kya style maar raha hai
aur aamir ko kuch nahi diya
friend1: are haq banta hai uska
Sent at 01:28 on Thursday
friend2: peter keating hai yeh vikram toh
friend1: haan wahin se uthaya hai
aur roark ke character ko space hi nahin diya
but wo bhi hai
friend2: haan magar woh jealous hai.. roark toh yaar nashe mein bhi aisa nahi bolta
woh meine socha.. magar wahi.. uski aakhon mein jalan hai..
friend1: wo jealous nahin tha
friend2: thodi der ke liye tha
friend1: roark bhi sach bolta tha
wo bhi bol raha tha
haan sorry nahin bolna tha
friend2: arre magar roark ko kuch paddi nahi thi yaar.. na hi woh kisiko free fund ki advise deta tha..
aur saala
usne photo bheje the.. yeh toh roark ki insult hai bhai
usne baadmien photo bheje the na..
friend1: wahi to bol rahe hain
character develop nahin kiya na
nahin to wo hero ho jaata
friend2: hmmm
friend1: basic wahin se chori kiya hai
friend2: good movie
last few mins left
friend1: dekh le
Sent at 01:33 on Thursday
friend2: ho gaya..
friend1: badhiya movie hai
friend2: hmm.. good movie.. magar aamir ka kya kar diya yaar..
friend1: but jitna inside view dene ka claim kar raha tha utna nahin hai ye to sabko pata hota hai
aamir ko hum dekhe hi nahin
late se gaye the
friend2: zoya hai yaar.. madhur nahi..!!
friend1: miss ho gaya
haan wo to hai
friend2: shahrukh=vikram..
dono ne struggle kiya
dono ne acting sikhi
donoo delhi se..
dono ki gf thi..
chalo blog likhte hai ispe..
friend1: but usne apni girlfreind se shadi ki
friend2: haan.. meine woh kab kahan..!
friend1: aur he was not good looking
friend2: haan yeh hai..
friend1: body bhi nahin tha dance bhi nahin aata tha
friend2: kya body hai yaar iski.. mast shape hai
friend1: haan
shahrukh ne kabhi cheap publicity ka istemal nahin kiya
kisi ke saath koi affair ki khabar nahin aayi
friend2: hehe.. khabar nahi aayi.. haha..
friend1: haan hum to itna hi keh sakte hain na
friend2: hehe..
friend1: isse zyada jaankari to hai nahin
aur struggle bhi kahin jyada kiya isse
bahut antar hai be
koi claim nahin kar sakta ki usne kisi ka istemal kiya
friend1: similarity nahin khoj sakte
bas itna hi hai ki dono struggler star bane
Sent at 01:49 on Thursday
friend2: hmmm
in all 3.5 stars from my side
nahi.. 4 stars
friend1: 3 thik hai yaar
kyonki bich mein bring hai


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tried hard against the wind
Tears coming out
To catch those sun rays-my lust
Eyes filled with dirt and dust..

Tried hard to swim against those tides
Mouth full of salt
To catch those sun rays-His pride
making it an impossible ride..

Come to Me.. I will give you rest..

I am tired.. I have tried..
May be that is not enough..
I give up.. I beg.. I plead..
Don't let Me down..
Please don't test me O Lord..
Don't worry,I trust my creation..

Tried hard against my own will
Soul full of dreams
To catch those rays of peace
Ablution in sea water
Where wind will perform salvation
Dirt reminding me of my sins
Dust of my mistakes
Making my ride a devoted prayer!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Nahi, waqt ne kuch nahi kiya
Bhagwaan ko toh bichmein mat lao
Kismat ko main maanta hi nahi,
toh fir mein hi zimandaar hun,
jo kuch bhi mein aaj hun..

Kholke ke aankhe dekhta hun
wahi lete lete muskuraata hun
zinda hone ka ehsaas se
khud hi ko himmat dilaata hun..

lekin kabhi kabhi himmat tootati hai,
saasein bhi jeene ki zidd chodti hai,
lagta hai jaise dil se jaan fisalti hai,

Ghutan si hoti hai yahan..
Rang maano udd gaye..
ab toh chaddar bhi safed..
padade bhi safed..
diwaarein bhi safed..

khidki ki dhool..
table ke phool..
saline ke bottlon mein..
dawaiyon ki khusboo mein..
safed palang pe leta hua..
main AIDS ka ek laachaar mariz..


Why lectures are boring?

"It becomes really very boring when you think a lot and you have lot of time to think"

Quotable Apoorva

Monday, January 19, 2009


"It" is never by choice,it is always forced! Forced by the circumstances. If we have a right to live,then we have every right to end our lives. But still,it is cowardliness.. Whatever that is,I don't care.. The pain the person suffers while committing (both mental and physical) is very less as compared to his/her family members. For a person who dies,the pain is for a moment,but every breath taken by his loved ones is actually killing them!

Is he/she a coward? If yes,then how can he even commit it. If no,then how can he even think of committing it.

Its actually a state of mind.I read somewhere :“It is not chosen; it happens
when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.”

One of my colleague long time back,was the victim. He was saved later. I was just wondering what he must be going through..

From the moment i took the pills
To the moment i die;
Will be the longest journey
And then my soul will fly..

Enough of this life
Tired of being guilty
Whenever i fall,
I have realized the sad reality

Leaving my loved ones behind
Certificates,medals and those offer letters
Death is what i seek tonight,
And nothing else matters..

The sun of my life is about to set,
The poison in my veins is spreading..
Feeling dizzy..
Head is aching..

Losing balance..
I cant stand..
Throat is dry..
Cant even cry..

Someone.. knocking..
Banging.. coming..
Someone.. help..

/*The End*/
/*I just HATE that word so i have not mentioned it*/


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Successful Break-Up

When you feel
that you are always right
very innocent
yet ready to fight..

then you feel
that nothing is going right
you love her
still you fight..

Waste your time
Lose your temper
Say those words
That bring repent..

once u said..
come what may
I love you
and I will always be there..

now my ears are singing your words
"my mistake that i loved you"
crying mind
left alone..

They say..
Start new.. start afresh..
But at the end of every relationship..
starts a new & fresh.. SUCCESSFUL BREAK-UP..


Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday-Multimodal Transportation

1200 hrs

College-Vidhyavihar station:Lift

Vidyavihar-Santa cruz:Bus

Santa cruz-Juhu Beach:Auto


Andheri-Lower Parel:Local

Lower Parel-Phoenix Mills:Walk

Phoenix Mills-Matunga:Taxi


1645 hrs


Friday, January 9, 2009

darrpok main!

aaj kal shyaam ko nind khulne pe badda darr lagta hai..
pata nahi kyu.. shayad aaj kal darr hi bahut lagta hai..

logo se milne se darrta hun..
unke dikhaawe se darrta hun..
saath mein unke rehke mein..
unsa banjane se darrta hun..

kisipe chillane se darrta hun..
apne haqq maangne se darrta hun..
523 ke kone mein band..
duniya ke shor se darrta hun..

sone ke liye jab wapas aankh jabardasti band karta hun toh..
wapas aankh khulne se badda darrta hun..
pata nahi kyu.. shyad aaj kal har chiz se darrta hun..