Friday, February 6, 2009

Emotionally Divorced

His ego was the only thing
for their dead relationship
the reason for shattered dream
the reason for her grim..

That fool will never realize
Hate is living happily in disguise
in the(his) dark night,of that(her) bright day
She will leave him and will walk away..

Falling out & Falling again
Falling for other was the right thing
Still she was scared,honestly confessed
accepted that she was the one who betrayed..

Holy ties will never set her free
Feelings are only love's identity
Now she is caught in those feelings
Trust is what is missing..

In her life now nothing can be reversed,
Coz tonight she is Emotionally Divorced..

still living in his hell
getting hit,every time,with the last nail..

"You don't enjoy privileges of leaving someone for someone.. But he is.."

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