Sunday, February 27, 2011


Jaagey hai der takk humein, Kuch der sone do..
Thodisi raat aur hai, subah toh hone do..

Aadhey adhoorey khwaab jo, poore na ho sake..
Ek baar firse nind mein woh khwaab bone do..

Jaagey hai der takk humein, fursat se marne do..
Thodisi saans baaki hai, sukoonn se lene do..

Jalle hue khwaab the mere, raakh bhi na bann paaye..
ek baar firse maut ka, khuraak hone do..

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Suraj a.k.a Nagesh of Jalna

Have you heard of it?

The participant of Roadies 8.0

Read somewhere that he fooled the (not so) deadly duo raghu-Rajiv and (not so) stud ranvijay.

If this is true, it will directly erase the tag of inserting 'fake' participant on the show.

The image of the show is improved at the cost of intelligence displayed by the interviewer.

Interesting publicity!

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Compromise is everywhere. The moment you think of doing something that you would not have preferred then you are on the right path to compromise.

Such is the case at Agarkar Bus Stop. There are two buses which takes you to Mulund. One is 422(air conditioned, 35rs ticket) and the other is 396(16rs ticket).

The queue for 422 is on an average of 20ppl at the peak hours while 396 has around 120ppl in queue. The catch is, if you stand in the queue of 120ppl the chances of you reaching the destination on time are more.

Obviously, the frequency of 422 is very less. But you have to take a decision and trust me its a very tough decision when you are very tired and want to hit the bed asap.

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