Monday, September 28, 2009

जिस दिन एक स्वातंत्रवीर ने चुनाव में मतदान किया !

फिर से उस रात सोच में डूबा रहा
मेरी लाजारी पर वापस रोने लगा
जिसने उसको कभी महान कहाँ था
उस्सी अज्ञानी को गाली देने लगा !

फिर हाथ उठाकर घुटने टेके
पगड़ी उतार के हार मान ली
कपडे तो फट्टे हुए थे
इज्जत बद्दी प्यार से दे दी !

और फिर बिना नशे के मजा आने लगा
जब मैंने सोचना ही छोड़ दिया
कुत्तो की मौत मरा मेरा देश
मैंने लाश को गिद्धों के हवाले कर दिया !

जिस दिन एक स्वातंत्रवीर ने
चुनाव में मतदान किया !


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quote of Thoughts-3

"No use of making those eyes to suffer. They don't even know why they are awake,when the reason is sleeping peacefully in silence"


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quote of Thoughts-2

"Its not about the model of cell phone you have,its about the contacts you have in it"

Apoorva (When I lost my mobile)

Quote of Thoughts-1

"Between me and my success is not you my friend,its my laziness"


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Derserve it or not!!

After playing football first time in my life......i can understand why footballers deserve all fame and riches........:)

One of my very good friend(I have very few good friends!) wrote this as his status message which made me think so much about it. Football, indeed the game needs hard work beyond one's human limits. The stamina that is achieved not in a single year,but developed over a long period of time. The slot in the team is the dream of billions and very few are able to achieve it. and the one who maintains such slots are called Ronaldos and Kakas of Football.. Working hard in pressure of failure is no joke! What a success! What a life! Those mansions that they buy are just awesome. Mansions or Islands? Let it be the collection of Cars or Designer watch. Life ho toh aisi!! and of course not to forget the hard work. Yes they deserve the fame.. the riches.. the girls.. the mansions.. and everything they put finger on..

Come back. Those were the Ronaldos. Imagine a man working very hard. He may be having more stamina than these players. He don't get Getorades/Red Bull. He is on the field for most of his day. Still the Indian farmer don't deserve the fame and riches. What if he was born in some other country? Dunno, I cant think, but I only know one thing, somebody deserves it more!

What if my friend had done some farming for the first time in his life?I am sure it would have been more hectic than just playing football but I don't think his status message would have been the same. If both of them work so hard, why is it that the only one of them is showered with happiness and success.

The one who works for our need.. for our food.. gets no fame..

The one who works for our wants.. for our entertainement.. is the God!!

I still don't understand this my friend.

Sorry for comparing a celebrity with a common man! They both don't deserve this comparison..



Hey there! yes you!
you sure of your future?
have you ever thought of it
or is it a sheer torture?

Do you think of consequences?
or u avoid taking such responsibilities?
Coz your actions matter a lot
and reflects your capabilities..

Faith is the trust in your action
Consequences of those are always good
and if they are bad? then?
forget it,your fate must be in bad mood..

Are you certain of your success?
Or you just have faith in your action?
Coz faith keeps your dreams alive
Without faith,your dream is just a fiction..

Faith is when every other thing is impossible
Faith is when you have nothing left with you
Faith is when you are certain..
that if you are good,it will be good..


Enjoy the Silence

Lights were dim,
music was loud..
humans socializing
forming a crowd..

Time passed..
we sat and drank with honor
cheers said the fools
still silent in one corner

Temptation poured in the glass
Intoxication taking shape
Eyes blood shot red
in the body when it spread..

Silent in our own world
people coming and socializing
still independent and unaffected
we were enjoying..

no expectations
no talking
no formality
no smiling

peaceful time it was
but head full of violence..
felt as if we compelled each other
to enjoy the silence!!