Wednesday, February 25, 2009

While my inspiration gently weeps...

Nothing inspires me in the morning to live
Nothing inspires me at night to sleep
Nothing inspires me to take that ambitious leap
But life inspires me to weep

What stopped me from smiling?
What stopped me from enjoying?
What stopped me from loving?
What inspired me for stopping?

Get inspired just to show others
Milk is still white even if mixed in water
White is pure, so make it shine
Fool the world,Please don't mind..

Show what you don't have
Tell what you don't know
False commitments and promises are all fine
Fool the world,nobody will mind..

If you get inspired to do all this
to hell with your inspiration
I am happy that i am being stopped
I am happily inspired to weep..



  1. awesome man.!!.. U r soinding like most inspired person on the earth. haha..good work..

  2. Hey dude.. good one..