Friday, February 27, 2009

Delhi 6 concept review

Hated the first half. Loved the second. Songs are wasted. I think Mr.Subhash Ghai started the trend of wasting awesome A.R.Rahman songs with the movies like Kisna & Yuvraaj and ROM is carrying forward the legacy. The placing of "Rehna Tu" was pathetic. I was really looking forward for two songs:Rehna tu and Dil gira.. but was disappointed.

One very minor yet crucial observation:

you may call it black humor or whatever. If you compare it with all time classic Swades, you will realize that ROM must have watched Swades (first half only) 100 times before making this movie.. Same caste issue.. untouchable.. even Ramayan.. Here Abhishek returns from Amrika for her nanny,there apna Shah Rukh.. They both fall in love.. Mr.Govarikar only forgot Hindu-Muslim conflict,so we can give credit to ROM's creativity on this..

Kala Bandar=Ravan:
Just listen to the lyrics of the song "Pal Pal" of Swades. Compare Ravan with Kala Bandar. The whole theme of Delhi 6 was comfortably said in just one line in that song.. "Mann se Ravan jo nikaale,Ram uske mann mein hai". and junior Bacchhan showing mirror is the exact copy of the concept.
Having said this,i agree that both are very different film.

I am not getting hard on ROM,but i had huge expectations from the man who delivered RDB.

Second half rocks!

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