Monday, January 19, 2009


"It" is never by choice,it is always forced! Forced by the circumstances. If we have a right to live,then we have every right to end our lives. But still,it is cowardliness.. Whatever that is,I don't care.. The pain the person suffers while committing (both mental and physical) is very less as compared to his/her family members. For a person who dies,the pain is for a moment,but every breath taken by his loved ones is actually killing them!

Is he/she a coward? If yes,then how can he even commit it. If no,then how can he even think of committing it.

Its actually a state of mind.I read somewhere :“It is not chosen; it happens
when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.”

One of my colleague long time back,was the victim. He was saved later. I was just wondering what he must be going through..

From the moment i took the pills
To the moment i die;
Will be the longest journey
And then my soul will fly..

Enough of this life
Tired of being guilty
Whenever i fall,
I have realized the sad reality

Leaving my loved ones behind
Certificates,medals and those offer letters
Death is what i seek tonight,
And nothing else matters..

The sun of my life is about to set,
The poison in my veins is spreading..
Feeling dizzy..
Head is aching..

Losing balance..
I cant stand..
Throat is dry..
Cant even cry..

Someone.. knocking..
Banging.. coming..
Someone.. help..

/*The End*/
/*I just HATE that word so i have not mentioned it*/

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