Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Successful Break-Up

When you feel
that you are always right
very innocent
yet ready to fight..

then you feel
that nothing is going right
you love her
still you fight..

Waste your time
Lose your temper
Say those words
That bring repent..

once u said..
come what may
I love you
and I will always be there..

now my ears are singing your words
"my mistake that i loved you"
crying mind
left alone..

They say..
Start new.. start afresh..
But at the end of every relationship..
starts a new & fresh.. SUCCESSFUL BREAK-UP..



  1. I feel ashamed of myself for "inspiring" or well..erm..egging u on to compose this poem..
    But truthfully speaking..in a way i m glad i did..how could one so delicately yet powerfully write a poem that accurately translates one's thoughts and craft it so fine to make it appear like a virtual play in my head with two people havin an intense one to one dialogue with each other!

  2. Beautifully written sirji...