Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beyond Technology.. and Emotions..


It hurts when you are away from your family. It hurts when you far away from your family. It hurts a lot when you remember them everyday. It hurts the most when you remember them when you are about to sleep.

Long Messaging Service(SMS)
You must be wondering what technology has to do with the emotions, or feelings or family. I was not aware of it till the day when I received the longest SMS of my life. Yes it was sent by my Aai(mother/mom whatever in other language,does not matter). It was her first message from her new cell some 5-6 years ago. She was not very much interested in SMSing but she did it. She was learning to send SMS. When I saw the message, I was the happiest person on the earth. It was indeed the longest SMS.No words. No "smileys". No "TC,good byes,love yous". It was a plan simple blank message that brought tears in my eyes!

ApoorvaBook (FB)
It was a very wierd moment when I saw my father on the Facebook. I did not know how to reply. Apoorva Dixit and Avinash Dixit are now friends. (Think over that sentence). I had just mentioned to him once that I have uploaded my photos in Facebook. And then I realized the reason why he is here. Just to see me, my photos. It was indeed a special moment for me. Because I had some 450 odd friends on FB and when I checked out his profile, it was only me! He made me special that day! His simple blank profile with my photo in the friend list brought tears in my eyes!



  1. moving and seriously touching dude...

    now you brought tears in my eyes :D

    see u know me that I am also emotional T_T

  2. awesome man....i also got dukhi!! :(