Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Screen Test


There are many things i wanted to tell myself. But somewhere i was stopping myself. Unknowingly diplomacy is there everywhere in the air. sometimes i am scared of losing control. Losing the fake diplomacy that i am maintaining for so long. Fake diplomacy? If it was not fake,would it be diplomacy? I always thought that i was a bad actor. I was never selected in any drama in my school. My friends call me expressionless. My face was compared to the old computer that is overloaded and hanged. But there are many people like me. Then what is diplomacy? Sophisticated acting? Farhan Akhtar?

Believe it or not,we are all actors. We fake. We hide. We accept. We don't confess. And then we complain and blame the whole nature of humans. and then we forget. Convince ourselves and say,"this is the way it is". One day i decided to count my lies, and highlight my sins for a day. At the end of the day,i noticed that i have lied a lot,and then my sinful nature comfortably convinced me to manipulate with statistics. I thanked for my sins to give me peaceful sleep. Sleep that killed the very essence of humanity!

In my dream i imagine myself as a stone. Stone that is still identifying its identity lying on the road where riots are full on. The only complain is,nobody uses me to hit other. Comparing myself with the stone is the best i can do with the character i am playing. Can i be that firm? am i that useless?

I got up the other day. And started acting! :-)

"divas ase ki koni maazaa naahi
an me konacha naahi!!"-Sandeep and Salil Kulkarni.
(din aise ki koi mera nahi,
aur mein kisika nahi)


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  1. the stone thing is taken from song: morcha - Sandeep and Salil Kulkarni.