Friday, March 27, 2009

My Romance with Sleep

I always call her,
but she never comes on time..
have to wait for hours
and then i don't remember when she comes..

Sometimes i feel,
it is the trap of the dark,
coz he wants me to stare back at him,
cheat he is,coz i always fail to find him..

Funny it is,that when i blindly stare at dark,
i always come across those sparkling stars..
wanna look at the sky,wanna make that wish
and then wait for that peaceful sleep

Then i start to praise him..
at least he kills all fake shadows
but i have lot of things to complete
after that i wanna sleep in peace

Clouds of thoughts gathering
feeling lost in those games of mind
my forehead is waiting for a kiss
help me to sleep in peace..

Night and Darkness are my friends
they invite me when she comes..
she always gets angry,runs away after the fight
and i end up staying awake the whole night.....

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