Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Selfish Death

That smile,that face,that glimpse of your beauty,
your face was the air i was breathing all the time,
i want you to put your pics in my coffin
when i die!

Those nights,those talks,those endless short calls,
your voice was the only thing i listened to all the time,
i want you to put those cell phones in my coffin
when i die!

Those intoxication,ultimate source of attraction,
your fragrance was the only thing i smelled all the time,
i want you to put that perfume in my coffin
when i die!

Those series of moments i spent with you,my life,
your life was the only thing i lived all the time,
i want you to put your life in my coffin

(i was thinking of "sati". i was thinking in a very different way. here, i assumed that Sati is an outcome of love(i have every right to assume anything).i assumed that in those days,love was so pure that people were ready to die for it. because may be they were not able to live without each other(again,m assuming.real reason is given in books and Wikipedia). but then there were some unanswered questions..)

why only women?
was that love pure,or DEATH SELFISH?
and finally, as hrithik asked - Kya aap kisise itna pyaar karte ho ke uske liye apni jaan bhi de do?hehe

Waise toh sub faaltu giri hai.. sochne mein kya jaata hai?!



  1. hmmm..interesting tht u thought abt it..watever explanation/justification you tried to come up with. One thing is for sure, the sati as it came to be in last few centuries, must have been a very very distorted form of some tradition which wasnt evil in the beginning. I m makin this assumption coz almost all the traditions in India, often related to the Hindu way of life, had very scientific and practical beginnings and became perverted/ distorted along the way. Sati as it happened in last couple of centuries was more of a social stigma and a disgrace because most of the times it was done without any will of the concerned woman, thus adding all connotations of barbarianism to it..

  2. I never thought a single word could leave such a deep impact on me-SATI.But alas our apoorva here has done it through his deceptively simple poem..
    The language used is powerful yet simple..the best words in the best order.I notice an elegant variation in every word that is used here in the poem to potray a stark reality that was the part of India a century back.
    Its unusual and applaudable how apoorva here manages to bring out such striking ideas through the means of a simple poetry.

  3. my dear bro am very proud of you!
    i am sure its very satisfying for you to write you heart out.never give it up.also, inside the black hole is a title i truely liked.
    love always,j

  4. why have u named t selfish death?
    this isnt tht selfish....

    ur wishes are apparent and be courageous of portraying wat u feel....

    this work has a great narrative of ur heart.. keep it up...