Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kidnapped by him

"Kidnapping her heart
Is that gain so special?
that its worth hurting me?"

(After 3 years of successful relationship,
girl leaves a helpless boy for some unknown reason. At that time he composed this. I was just able to note few lines..)

The place i enjoyed (in your heart)
The fun we had,
The bond we shared
is all Kidnapped!!

Not reminding you of promises,
Those innocent looks & first kisses,
All good things & vague memories
along with you are Kidnapped!

He played the role of the healer,
Showed me my real worth
but i doubt about your happiness,
Coz how many time are you gonna get Kidnapped?

"I am not gonna fall in love again,
Coz the one I love always gets Kidnapped"


After reading this,i dunno Wat made me to write the following lines..

"Don't pull my leg
It has been pulled enough (look at my height.. he he..)
Don't trick my heart
It has been tricked enough!!"