Tuesday, November 11, 2008

HRM Class!

In our HRM class we(except me) were discussing about Attitude and behavior etc.. Madam gave few answers that i thought were not appropriate. So i thought of thinking on it myself without referring to any dictionary or Wikipedia! I don't believe in referring to such sources(when it comes to such words) because here practical meaning is more important than theoretical or perceived! I know that the theoretical meanings are derived from practical experiences but still,those meanings are not followed these days. It is a very different issue all together. I will discuss it later.

I came with few answers. Please correct me if i am wrong.

your way of thinking

manipulated way of thinking

initially induced(can be forced)and later developed way of thinking

thinking that is neither manipulated nor induced. Attitude can change but Nature cannot

How are Ethics different from Values?
What is natural behavior?


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  1. well....i wont say your observations are wrong...but these things cant be generalized.i wont be talking about values coz i myself dont know about it...u know about Steve jobs...i feel his attitude nature and behavior all were the same...so it highly depends on personality to personality...well again if u question what is personality then its the kind and amount of differences between attitude nature and behavior of a person...
    okay for eg. when u say to someone dude this guy's attitude is cool...i.e. he has kept forth his ideas,his ways of thinking in front of you...now this according to your definition is behavior...so how can ne1 comment once attitude is cool .so here his attitude was so true honest n hearty tat it got converted in behavior...

    okay enough i myself getting confused...