Friday, November 21, 2008

The night when I got drunk

In the dark street
I was left alone
my memory betrays me to remember
who i am..

My eyes are not following my orders
On the most saddest day of my life
I got drunk and fell on the ground
I dunno who I am..

People talking about the stupid subject
and asking my views on their thoughts
I am left with no words
As i don't have any point of view..

Fear of the failure troubling me
Asking me to try again for it
Asking me to go for that final aim
Mocking me to fail again

Thoughts clouding my every thought
Killing my own thinking of self
I don't have control on my senses
I don't remember who I was.. and who I am!!



  1. hahahahahha!!!!!!
    plzz...dont mind my laughing..
    i m always like this..
    nice work......
    saddest day????
    fear of failure????
    abhi to aur aise din aayenge...
    its gud bcoz u'll write more...
    really gud work....
    but padhne ke bich mein..kisi ke rone ki aawaz aati hai........hahahahhaha
    sorry sorry.........akele akele pi lete ho achchhi baat nahin hai...

  2. hasne ke liye mazratkhwah (kshamaprarthi) hoon.........pesh-e-khidmat hai ek nazm aapke liye.......

    haar gaye? fikra na karo
    zindagi gir kar phir sambhalti hai
    suna hi hoga
    patjhad ke baad fir kali khilti hai
    kaun kambakht kehta hai
    ki manzil sadak par chal kar hi milti hai
    gaur se dekhna har sadak ke bagal se
    ek patli gali bhi nikalti hai.

  3. waah.. kya comment hai yaar.. no one can beat u in this!!
    yaar magar sacch bolu.. kuch bhi poem likhi hai.. na koi matlab.. na koi wajah.. bus.. yunhi..

  4. next time try writing a similar post when u r drunk....that will be a masterpiece......and I promise to read that once I get drunk ... :)

    keep writing........I am getting hooked to this space.