Friday, October 24, 2008

What do you see? Aamir Khan?

Look Closely!

You will see Determination, Dedication, Perfection, Confidence, Pain, Hard work & Persistence staring at you!! His eyes are modestly laughing at your weak desires of achieving perfection!! His silent, calm and composed mind is crying out loud... "This is how it’s done!!" Look at this picture for 5 minutes and you will start conversing with it. Trust me; he won’t give you a chance to speak.

Now look into the mirror and start conversing with yourself. You will get solution to all your problems. Success lies within us, we just need to explore it. It’s not your reflection that you are seeing; it’s your success that is staring back at you. Of course, you will only see it if you have Determination, Dedication etc..



  1. Great blog..
    Good finding..
    Carry on good work

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  3. Brilliant!
    Finally i get to read what i like..
    This is a very fine prosaic work with the noble aim to motivate the individuals..
    There is but an Einstein in each of us..sadly only a few of us persevere like him as we lack the very basic ingredients in life unlike him-doggedness and indefatigablity.
    Success comes from within..
    As someone has very rightly said it "The real contest is always between what you've done and what you're capable of doing.You measure yourself against yourself and nobody else".
    Apoorva, you deserve a loud applause for this one.

  4. @yogesh
    thanks yogesh and welcome!!

  5. @shweta
    thanks a lot yaar..
    wheneva i am downn, i will remember that line!!
    thanks once again.. keep reading..