Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last Laugh

I won't say a word,
When you use me,
Use me till i am left with nothing.

Rip me off,
Pinch me hard,
I am dumb and i won't complain.

Pick my body,
Burn my soul,
I am numb and won't feel the pain.

Love me for a reason,
Hate me for no reason,
Abuse me, but you have nothing to gain.

Cut me into pieces,
Sell my every bit,
I will let you do anything you want.

Is it worth to lose a friend so special?
Is it worth to make business out of my silence?
Am i weak that I don't say a word?

Still you hit me, punch me, and finally kill me,
I won't say a word,
All i crave, is to have the last laugh!!
(Coz somewhere you also know that i am right)



  1. the person or group of persons or thing or thought u have addressed as "you" will not even let u have the last laugh.....because he knows that u are start laughing because u will never know which is the last one.......
    but a nice poem...and this time no manipulation....i m sure.but truth seems more fictitious than fiction itself when revealed before wrong people.

  2. ohh!!!i think i forgot to comment on this poem...a very nicely crafted poem.the main beauty is its architecture.thoughts flow in a very comfortable manner as the poem proceeds.....u are developing as a poet...great going.

  3. Thanks man.. for both the comments.. and yes, i will surely implement!

    "Truth seems more fictitious than fiction itself when revealed before wrong people"

    Waah! So true!