Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Unusual Letter

Dearest Apoorva,

I am neither saying that it was your fault nor I am justifying myself, but the fact remains the same that the misunderstanding due to lack of frankness is growing between us. People these days have crossed the limits of diplomacy and have mixed profession with friendship. Rivalry rises from such mixed emotions and I am the child of rivalry. You may feel sometimes that I am your only friend, but trust me; I am not at all trustworthy.

Every move that I have made till now is not the sign of concern, but the investment made with forceful expectation. This is how I am and I can’t change myself, at least not for you. I have my own set of rules, and if you want to survive, you better adjust. You are left with no other option. Either you survive, outperform and succeed or you fail and lose.

We can never be friends as we are fighting for the same position. I have no intentions to put you down, but my selfishness demands it. If you are a fighter then I am your motivator. Take me as a challenge and you will surely gain something even if you lose. Our relationship is everlasting and mind you, you need me for your progress.

I am your constant companion. Yes, I am your competition.

(This letter is an art of fiction. You are free to relate it to anybody as I have no control over your thoughts, because I believe that thoughts are the only assets that you truly possess.)



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  2. ok........
    here is the masterpiece....
    but u know....every time I read it, it makes me laugh....i m confused. whether its honesty or manipulation.and in both cases it is very good.if its honesty u have expressed it excellently and one day you will be happy with ur writings and if its manipulation then welocome to the world of successful writers.
    nothing to say abt its content and style they r simply superb....

  3. thnks to u two..

    @ sushant
    both of ur points are true.. but its difficult to generate idea without being honest.. so i honestly claim that idea generation is pretty honest.. development of tat idea do contain some manipulation factor in it. i cant ignore that. but its also true that it has more of "playing with emotion factor" than "playing with words". lastly,i agree that all these factors are included.. but honesty do have an identity in it.. btw, this letter was constructed in the taxi ride that we had yesterday!

  4. hahahhahhhaha
    look again i m laughing......because again i m confused.......its just a thought or perception????
    we are entering into a conversation.
    i m sure its just a thought.and if u think its a perception then u r not being honest to urself...u r trying to make a protective cover.so if its honesty u r contradicting urself.
    yaar i try to become a good critic,not a critic of just words but the thought behind those words. thats why i m commenting this much....every time i read it its different trust me....and thats the beauty.......

  5. according to me....i felt this is a nice letter....at point of time i felt that the writer is so pitiless and mean....but at the next point i sensed his concern for his friend/relative/pal is so much that he can prove himself to be an narcissistic...
    at last after a profusion of thoughts and self questioning....
    i can make a very small conclusion...
    i think this letter is written by a extremely ambitious, pushy and lonely person to himself when he senses fear, of getting out of the path of success and finds no one to give him some kicks....he makes himself a companion a competitor...this guy will really become a thunder storm....

    nice work Mr.Apoorva Dixit...

  6. yaar.. awesome comment.. reveal urself man.. who are u?

  7. its a beautiful interplay of simple words expressing the grim reality of today. The reason i enjoyed it most was that i could relate to it..n i bet every person reading it felt relieved yet surprisingly motivated because its an honest display of emotions but very pragmatic in approach.....Great work n one thing dat is definitely relieved through it is dat this guyz cousin brother is as amazing as him !!!..hehhe...rock on bro!!

  8. hey apoorva..this is really gud :) in the whole letter i was wondering who this other person is..and i thought u would mention someone in the concluding para. but since it is left to the reader's imagination i guess it's a person's competitor or a friend in disguise of a competitor..
    whatever u have written is so true especially between friends who are competing for something..

  9. Hey, yaar, since when have you started writing such golden-dust kinda stuff? this earnest view on competition is like none other! keep it up.

  10. that's human nature and is very common. its just a long winded way of saying survival of the fittest yet I believe that we have the capacity to actually reach out to others and walk the journey of life hand in hand. we don't have to step unto others to achieve greatness.

    although sometimes we need to be carefree and just go on wid the flow. Most important thing is to be ourselves and things will fall into its proper perspective :)


  11. Apoorva,

    I ve read this post around 20 times. And its good.

    I agree with you on some levels and i dont on most levels.

    My thought :)

    "Dont let your competition decide what you fight for. "

    cheers for the writing...

  12. @abhijit
    agree.. but u never know.. wen ur walkin the path YOU have selected,u il always see this companion.. u cant avoid it.. unless ur goin for himalaya!!

  13. Watch your thoughts before it gets converted into word
    Watch your words before it get changed into language
    Watch your language before it gets into action.

  14. Head is on the top of heart.
    Head must lead you through rough weather

    Heart Confuses Head.
    Heart tries to lead the Head
    and gets attack
    Heart Attack - a Self imposed attack.

    So learn to Keep balance between Heart and Head.

    Heart ponds with happyness and love
    Head raises with proud of self esteem

  15. Hey Thanks for all your comments!!