Thursday, September 4, 2008

I V/s Me (Unanswered questions of my life/Dialogues within me)

Hi Apoorva,

Are you caught in the shackles of expectations?
Expectations that can neither be fulfilled nor can it be ignored.

Letting down the whole world; at every turn of my life. I realized one day, on such random depressing turn, that I am not living my life the way I always wanted to, but the way others want me to. What is holding me back? Who is ruling my freedom?

Do you need an exemption?

I want to explore the dark unfathomed dry burrows of my mind. Yes, I want to set it free.

Trust me,Sometimes it becomes difficult for me to comprehend myself. Am I so complicated?



  1. realization led to complication.actually late realization....
    still never late than now...

  2. i would like to notify a muhavra..Aaghyan Ardhgyan se behathar....i.e having no knowledge about something is better than having partial knowledge about it..