Monday, September 15, 2008

Economics Class - Shutdown Point

Class Started at 1430hrs IST

That day my mind was fighting to concentrate as usual. Wanted to give up forever but again the fight was still on. Every single soul was engrossed in the economics and i was lost in my own world.

"The World beyond Dollar and Rupees,
In the Land of Tempting Cupids"

1445hrs. People still pouring in. Were they seriously interested?

Questioning my decision to study Economics was the most challenging argument for me. Was it necessary?

"The Firm and it's profits,
Revenue, Turnover and Margins;
The growth of the Corporate Man,
is heading towards the Nowhere Land"

One shot at the watch behind and it was still 1455hrs. Time was stagnant as always,during the lectures. Voices were fading. Words were hitting my blank face. Even they gave up the idea of penetrating inside. Suddenly someone asked,

"Sir,Can you show the graph of Shutdown point?"

Yes I can answer that,I thought, Shutdown point was the end of something? End of business or growth, I was totally clueless.


Life is about making it useful for others. It is better to help rather than to see anyone falling. But what if i am totally useless? Friends are my Assets, but am i a Liability to them? I started questioning the existence and importance of my role as perceived by my family and friends.

I started noting down the status of my life/definition of my life:-

"The expectations are just covering my performance or my inability is equal to my mission in life. My confidence level is falling below the line of sympathy. I Conclude, my life is only worth if i die"


And then Sir explained the classic definition of SHUTDOWN POINT

"The Shutdown point comes where revenues just cover variable costs or where losses are equal to fixed costs. When the price falls below average variable costs, the firm will maximize profits by shutting down"

This was the only part i was able to understand/relate in that class of economics. I realized that my shutdown point has come, i am just waiting for "my class" to get over!

Apoorva Dixit


  1. tumne bata diya ki creative writing aur truth mein dhage bhar ka farak hota haiga bhaiya.........
    interesting and super.....
    don't waste your thoughts. write more.

  2. i will only say....
    you think a lot in your lectures....
    that was a joke....
    still i am happy at least you think....unlike other economics students....