Sunday, July 20, 2008

Angels Don't Kill

Was Gandhiji an angel? Yaar I have thought of it a lot but can’t put it in words. Give me some time. I think my thinking process has stopped. eiinn?? But how can that be possible??

Just now my friend, wikipedia, told me that "A process is a naturally occurring or designed sequence of changes of properties or attributes of an object or system". Now how can a sequence of "changes" stop?? No one can stop change. I am so determined to find out what is happening then. Am I getting bored of thinking?? This will land me into lot of trouble. Am I getting 'dumber' day by day...? My grey cell population is falling below poverty line... No ideas coming... now, I won’t be able to serve the society... No value addition to country's GDP from my side... No scope for improvement as I can’t put any effort in anything... Senses dying... Turning colder hearted... I am using more words... i am thinking less... promising more... working less... getting more corrupt... losing all my ethics... it was affecting each drop of my blood... i am turning into something that i never wanted to be... one flash and i am wearing kurta.. Standing on the stage... addressing a big crowd... making fake promising... talking about farmers, suicide, n-deal etc... I have no idea what I am talking... i am just reading one speech written by somebody... some fiction book author i guess... yes, i have changed.. Have I turned into a politician??

It was one bad dream which I was not able to recollect properly... but it made some sense... I don't know why I hate politicians... I have no right...

"God, gimme power to change the things that can be changed, gimme power to accept the things that I cannot change and gimme wisdom to make the difference between the two." (Read it at one Hardikar hospital,Pune). I think RDB team visited the hospital first. ;-)


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  1. it's good to find that u think....because all of us have stoped thinking..u carry on never stop it.